March 18, 2011

Super Font Finds

Hi everyone Casey here!  I have been super busy the past several days and now my daughter has an ear infection.  With that said I am going to take a break from the design series we have been exploring the past several weeks.  I will pick it back up next week.  So instead of ECBARF lets talk!

I love fonts and I love it when I can find them for free!  As I browsed the Sugar Pie Scraps gallery at PDP I was taken by the fun and quirky fonts we choose.  Fonts are sometimes an overlooked design tool.  We think of them simply as a way to title our pages or record our memories as we journal.  But the right font or combination of fonts can be a big boost!  Take a look at the layouts below and notice how fonts add to them.   Under each layout is the name of the font(s) used and links to where you can snag them for free!

Layout by Me

Layout by loridigi

Layout by Bobbie76

Layout by enu0828

Check out more layouts using Sugar Pie Scraps' products here at the PDP Gallery.

And just because I am in a sharing mood here are three more fonts that I love and find myself using a lot!  Underwood Champion is a nice typewriter font that is great for journaling and subtitles.  Shark in the Water is another great journaling font that I use a lot...since I found it recently;)  And last but not least Impact Label and Impact Label Reversed.  I love to use the Reversed when I put captions 'on' photos.  It gives texture and makes the words really pop!

Impact Label

So the next time you are looking through galleries take note of fonts, track them down and snag them...remember more often than not they are free!  If you have a favorite font leave a comment...we would love to snag your free font find too!!


  1. Great fonts - thanks! I kept seeing the font like the Skinny Jeans - I have Pea Noodle Girlfriends (I think that's it) which is similar, but it took me forever to find it! I was so, so jealous seeing it on people's layouts and I wanted it!

  2. Nice ones. I am finding myself addicted to fonts....thanks!!