June 14, 2011

Man It Is HOT!

Living in the South you expect hot temperatures...but not this hot this early in the year!  We have been sweltering for the past several weeks and there is no end in sight.  So what does your family do to beat the heat?  My nephew has a kiddie pool that he loves, my daughter and I just stay in the AC, and my husband loves ice cream.  

Hopefully the weather will ease some...but then again I should not complain.  We are very lucky to have avoided all the severe storms that have occurred recently.  But then again asking for suggestions is not complaining...technically:)

So share your beat the heat secrets...trust me I need them!

1 comment:

  1. I live in the south as well and I am right there with you - I'd rather just stay inside in the AC! My daughter is a water junkie so she'd rather be in the in ground pool at one grandparent's house or the above ground pool at the other grandparent's house - she'd even take just running through a sprinkler! ;)