April 18, 2011

Monday Mayhem...Pandora

Hi everyone!  Casey here to share something totally non-scrapbook related.  I am now blessed with DSL Internet.  We had previously used satelite Internet.  The satelite service had several restrictions most annoying of which was upload and download limits per day.  I was forever breaking the quota and being put in the 'Internet penalty box'.  No more!!  

With this new found Internet freedom I am loving YouTube, E-How and Pandora radio.  Today I want to share about Pandora.  This is the best thing sine sliced bread! Being a music lover and having rather eclectic taste this website is right up my alley.  The premise behind Pandora is that it is trainable radio.  In other words you can teach your personalized station what kind of music you prefer and it plays only those songs that fit your profile.  Training is so easy you wither give a song a thumbs up or down.  You are allowed a certain number of skips per session and there are details about each artist and song available.  So I may hear Bob Seger, AC/DC, Steve Miller, Bad Company, or The Four Tops...at any given moment;)

For me this is so much fun...especially while scrapping!  So check it out...it is free, fun, and easy-peasy:)

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  1. Great tip, Casey! I've loved Pandora for years! It's awesome!